Teeth whitening
Treatment Description
Teeth can become stained with tea, coffee, red wine or smoking and will naturally darken over the years.

Tooth whitening can make a big difference to your smile. It can remove stains and discolouration, make your teeth lighter and brighter, and even help you look younger!

At Swakeleys Dental, we offer a professional whitening system for you to use at home at a time convenient to you.

We will first examine your teeth and discuss your expectations and the likely outcome. We will provide you with special custom-made trays plus whitening gel.

The whitening tray is made of super thin soft plastic and is designed to fit comfortably over your teeth to hold the whitening gel in place for about an hour each day or overnight. We recommend this system as it gives you control over the degree of whitening you desire.

Improvements are seen within just a few sessions. Some patients like to ‘top-up’ for a few days once or twice a year, keeping their smile white and bright!
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