Fee guide

A guide to our fees

Consultation £42
Routine examination £42
Small x-rays £15
Pan-oral x-ray £65

Oral hygiene visit (simple, complex or prolonged,

micro-abrasion stain removal, etc)

from £68
Composite (tooth-coloured) fillings from £110
Silver amalgam fillings from £90
Composite inlay from £450
Extractions from £150
Acrylic dentures from £650
Metal based plate from £1500

Crowns and temporary crowns (acrylic, metal,

full porcelain types, bonded porcelain, Zirconia, etc)

from £400
Porcelain bonded bridge from £695 per unit
Full Porcelain crown (standard, Emax, Zirconia, etc)) from £750
Full Porcelain bridge (Zirconia) from £750 per unit
Root canal therapy (varies by tooth to be treated) from £400
Implant - Dental Implant with crown

from £2500

Teeth whitening (home use, Zoom light)

from £350 home/ £450 Zoom

Veneers (composite, porcelain, etc)

from £260 comp bonding/ from £655 porcelain

Invisalign (dual arch) from £3200
Fixed braces - Fastbraces®

from £1500 per arch


*Please note that payment may be required prior to treatment. As a minimum payment is to be made concurrently with treatment provided and we accept payment by cash, credit or debit card. Finance is subject to status and to terms and conditions. Please ask for more information.