Dental Implants

Dental Implants
Treatment Description


Dental implants are a great way of replacing one or more missing teeth. They are strong, permanent, and look and feel completely natural.

The implants themselves are tiny titanium metal rods/screws which are gently placed into your jawbone at the precise location of the intended tooth. Over a few months your jawbone bonds with the rods to form, in effect, a false tooth root.

The implants can then be used to support crowns or bridges. The end result is tooth replacements that look and feel so realistic you may even forget they're not your real teeth!

Implants can also be used to hold dentures firmly in place, making it easier for you to eat and speak with confidence.

Dental implants – a popular choice

Implants are becoming increasingly popular when it comes to replacing lost teeth. Many people describe them as the next best thing to still having their own teeth.

As well as eliminating gaps and chewing discomfort so that you are able to smile with confidence and eat a complete diet, they also stop bone loss which can make your face lose volume.

A straight-forward, painless procedure

They may be a ‘hi-tech solution’, but fitting one is straightforward and all done under local anaesthetic so you won’t feel a thing. Once the implant is in place, we’ll probably have to wait about twelve weeks for it to settle before a crown’s fitted on top.

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