Treatment Description

Many people have thought for years about having their misaligned teeth straightened. Now there is a range of great new treatments which can help you enjoy the smile you've always wanted and straighten crooked and misshaped teeth.

Swakeleys Dental Practice provides both fixed and removable orthodontic treatments. Fixed orthodontic treatment is usually faster in aligning teeth and jaws, and can help with more difficult cases in providing a better outcome, they come in traditional metal or the more aesthetic ceramic and white wire braces. Removable appliances are usually clear plastic trays. After straightening your teeth, a retainer is needed so that the teeth do not relapse (go back wonky again). This can usually be a fixed wire retainer hidden away unseen behind the teeth, or a removable retainer which entails compliance in wearing the retainer.

At Swakeleys Dental Practice we use a range of systems to straighten your teeth. Each system works differently in terms of the results that it can provide, the length of time that the treatment takes and the cost involved. Our dentists will help you choose the system that best suits your needs.

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